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Our Life in Photos

All Aboard the Polar Express !

Hey everybody !! This past weekend the boys and I had the pleasure of attending the Polar Express at West Coast Railway Heritage Park in Squamish!! In the twenty something years that I lived in Vancouver, I have never been or heard of the Polar Express ! So of course, I was absolutely thrilled that we were finally going [childhood dreams do come true!]. We started off the day by getting up super early, 6:00am to be exact! Our train ride was  ...

Our Life in Photos

Simply Sweet Engagement Photos

A couple weeks ago, Miguel and I had the pleasure of being photographed by Nomo of www.simplysweetphotographybynomoakisawa.com ! I spent the morning of the shoot, getting my make up done by Jasmine of www.jasminehoffman.com and hair done by Courtney of www.facebook.com/courtneyBhair ! Also, I wanted to give a special shout out to Tanya & Karen Lee of www.futuremrsplanner.com and slmissglambeauty.com for providing me with a beautiful  ...


Sponsor Gifts for Women of the Downtown Eastside

Hello my loves!! I am so excited to be apart of something amazing this holiday season!! I’ve teamed up with Daniella from @pure_safe_beneficial for the #TheGiftofGiving2015 💕 What is #TheGiftofGiving2015 ?  We are Sponsoring gifts for the Women of the Downtown Eastside who may not otherwise receive a gift this Christmas (A beautifully wrapped gift including cozy warm socks, a Holiday Shower Gel, Shea Butter Hand Cream & an hand  ...

For The Mamas, Motherhood

5 questions I have been asked about being a Teen Mom

Over the past 8 years I’ve transitioned from being a teen mom, to a young mom, to just mom.  I’ve always felt that society has categorized me of my mom status based on my age and it got me thinking about all the questions I’ve encountered since becoming a teen mom. Some of the questions are just uncalled for and I don’t know why people think that it is ok to ask them! Nonetheless, I decided to share the most repeated  ...


Just the two of us

Hello Kismetlove readers ! My name is Heydy. I am Jayden and Abel’s mommy. I blog over at www. raisingjayandabel.blogspot.com. I am so thrilled and honoured to be sharing my breastfeeding journey with you! Our breastfeeding journey has been…well.. quite a rollercoaster [and I’m still on it]. I knew that breastfeeding wasn’t going to be a breeze for the first couple weeks [at least for me]. I had to learn a new, world  ...


Hello Monday

Anybody else feel like this pineapple and want to float on water all day ? It’s Monday morning, and I’ve already exerted all the energy I’ve gained from my first cup of coffee! (mama’s do you feel me?). I am quickly writing this, since Abel is screaming and grasping my foot, and Jayden is asking for a snack. This week, I will try to exude more patience when dealing with a crying and teething baby. Because I know, as  ...


Fathers Day

I was asked to blog about my biggest personal struggle thus far. This means opening up to all my readers, if any…Being an open book doesn’t come easy to me. Especially since I’ve gone through so much in the 23 years of living on this earth. I had so many things running through my head. Which subject I wanted to write about… and then it hit me. One of the MAJOR things that formed the person I am today was growing up  ...


Shop Hop !

New week and a new blog post for all you amazing underdogs! Going into week 2 of writing for Poplar & Co and I must say I love it because it actually makes me sit down at my laptop and write 🙂 This week I will be sharing my favorite small shops! not including the obvious {hehe}. I have had my IG account (@raisingjayandabel) for about 3-4 years…and I never heard about IG shopping, etsy, shopify, or bigcartel…that is until  ...


Embracing a new journey

Good morning fellow underdogs!! What a great way to start a new work week then by writing for my favourite person and one of my favourite stores, Poplar & Co!! I was one of the lucky few who was chosen to write for them and am I ever excited to start this new journey! This week you will be getting to know each and every one of us ladies. We will all be contributing in different ways but one thing we have in common is that we route for  ...


Travelling with a breastfeeding infant (ROADtrip)

Have you ever wondered what it is like travelling with a baby? How about a breastfed baby? If you don’t plan ahead then the overall experience will make you run the other way! I recently just did a 24 hour road trip to Calgary Alberta (there and back). Thankfully, I was able to prepare and plan ahead! Of course, you can’t anticipate everything, but the more you plan the better the trip will be for you, your baby, and the people  ...