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A Preteen Boys Overnight Summer Camp Packing Checklist | Printable

Last year, I sent Jayden to an overnight summer camp for the very first time. He was just shy of 9 years old. At first,  I was nervous and scared to send him to an overnight camp for six days! That’s 5 nights and 6 days away from both mom and dad. I don’t know about you but I think that’s a long time to trust your preteen boy to brush his teeth and take a shower every day. Overnight Summer Camp Packing Checklist Of course,  ...

Parents Tips & Tricks

OMG! – 2 Step Valentines Day Table Cloth

I’m definitely not a Pinterest mom. In fact, I’m quite the opposite. When  a group of Vancouver Mom bloggers decided to get together for a Valentines Day shoot, I was game! The catch… we all needed to contribute a DIY that was valentines day themed {insert horrified face here}! Thank goodness for my friend Keisha of Loving Littles Blog, who sent a picture of this super easy, super cute DIY that only took me 30 minutes to  ...

Parents Tips & Tricks

Get Back To Work Without The Guilt: A Mom’s Guide

Going back to work after staying at home with the kids can result in a lot of mixed emotions for moms. You may be looking forward to reigniting your career and feeling like an individual (rather than provider of food and cuddles and general servant!), but what if you’re feeling a bit anxious about leaving those little birds in the nest? With a little thought and organisation, you can help yourself to assuage any guilt or worry you have about  ...

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What’s ‘Appening, Mum? Entertaining The Kids This Summer!

Let’s all be honest, Mums! Parenthood can sometimes be a little bit of a drag. Singing the same songs, reading the same books and playing the same games is nothing short of frustrating. When things get boring at home, kids start to act up, when kids act up, mums get stressed out and that impacts the kids… you can see the cycle, right? To remedy this situation, planning and organisation are key. Use the kids’ boredom to your advantage and  ...

Parents Tips & Tricks

Baby’s First Holiday: What You Need To Pack

Holiday’s are meant to be your chance to escape, to have a break from the stresses of everyday life and, as a new mother, you deserve a relaxing break more than ever. However, there is one small problem to get around first; getting ready to go on holiday with a little one (or little ones) tends to be the polar opposite of relaxing. There is so much you need to pack, so much you need to remember, so much you need to squeeze into a small  ...

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Disaster Prevention: Taking Your Kids to a Wedding

Taking your kids to a wedding: yes or no? If the happy couple is allowing children to attend, it could immediately improve your chances of attending. You won’t have to find a babysitter, making everything a little easier. However, maybe it’s not such a good idea for the kids to go after all. Is it easier for them or even all of you to stay at home? If you’re contemplating taking the kids to a wedding, there are a few things  ...

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Where To Take Your Kids On Holiday, Before They Turn 10

The so-called “fish finger years” come to an end so quickly, you’ll wonder where they went. All that time you had in that period scientists call the “latency” vanishes so fast, and once it’s gone, that’s it – it’s gone. It’s so important to take advantage of this time. It’s a period on which kids mellow and start focusing on the outside world before they become teenagers and all that reverses. Here’s where to take your kids before they  ...

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For A Fit Family: Making Healthy Changes Easier

Most parents can probably agree that their most important priority is that their child is healthy and happy, so we’re always looking for ways to ensure we’re encouraging our kids to make healthy choices. Except it can be a real struggle in the days of computer consoles and social media to encourage kids of any age to get up and out, and appreciate the world around them. It’s all about making healthy decisions the fun option – it takes  ...

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How To Help Out With Children’s Group Activities

When you’re a parent, you will always have a lot on your plate. Not only do you have your own life to manage, but you also have your husband to think about and then, on top of that, your little ones too. It can seem overwhelming, and like you’re never going to survive as a parent, but you can and you will. You can even do it all while working on your kids’ futures. We all know what it feels like to want to help out where we can when it comes  ...

Parents Tips & Tricks

Don’t Save Money On Everything At Home: The Few Things You Need To Trust Experts With

At a time when everything seems to become more expensive, it is easy for homeowners to consider ways around some household and house maintenance expenses. There is nothing wrong about that: After all, it is in human nature to be adaptable. But you should be aware that there are some important areas of your house maintenance for which you should never pick the cheapest option. Trusted experts servicing and household companies should become  ...